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Why did you move to Eugene, Oregon?
I was following a vision, and I wanted to find a new place to study music. I remembered seeing the Dead play at Autzen, then I went to the Oregon Country Fair, and I realized that's where it felt safe to me...

What's your fascination with complexity theory?
Seeing the clearcuts and devastation going on, I wanted to try and make some sense out of why people didn't see the beauty in nature. Complexity theory helped me understand that it's basically because we can't comprehend it, nature is just too interconnected - too all-encompassing and when people try to rationalize their thoughts, they've had to break down what they understand into little pieces, which has always the easiest way to do business...

What are your hobbies?
I used to collect baseball cards, now it's yoga, listening to old+new music, reading books and researching on the internet... I try to focus my energy on seeing the bigger picture, while still appreciating the little things in life.

Any good books you read recently that I should?
Gregory & Mary Catherine Bateson, "Angels Fear..."

Douglas Hofstadter, "I Am a Strange Loop "
Mark Johnson,
"The Meaning of the Body"
Barbara Kruger,
"Remote Control"
Neil Postman,
"Building a Bridge to the 18th Century "
"Art of the Shen Ku"

What music are you listening to right now?
squarepusher • hot chip • jack johnson • gaudi • carlos nakai• sigur ros • fourtet • younger brother • steve reich • pink floyd + roger waters